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Clarity in a Converged World

Site Surveys/Station Reviews


The success rate for IT services projects is proven to be much higher when accurate data gathering in either the form of site surveys or formal voice station reviews is performed by qualified personnel. In a similar equation, the effectiveness of Operational Support Models within the industry is also influenced by accurate site or customer data, and bad or missing information usually leads to increased Mean Time to Respond/Repair. Our team of experienced field professionals provides a thorough, clear, and concise approach to gathering customer data to help customers through projects or operational support.

The Keystone to Better IT Solutions

IT managers, CIOs, architects, and other decision makers rely heavily on asset information to make the best possible technology decisions for their enterprises. Many enterprises experience sudden growth through merger or acquisition and in some cases, the information regarding IT assets is incorrect or missing. Enter Big Wave Communications with a cost effective solution and varying levels of surveys to fit what a customer requires. We can use devices to perform logical auto discovery of a network on site while our resources perform a corresponding physical inventory. If a customer requires vendor circuit information, all of this information is gathered and loaded into the required data repository with the asset information.

Ensuring Successful Voice/VoIP Projects

Voice and Voice Over IP (VoIP) projects require an in depth knowledge of voice features and functionality. We take our best practices from many years of implementing voice and VoIP solutions and execute a standard Station Review process to make sure the customers’ requirements are gathered. Many data gathering efforts overlook this critical part of these types of projects and the effects are felt in re-work and incorrect programming prior to implementation.

Enabling Successful IT Management via Accurate Information

Every IT project runs better with correct information – re-work is minimized, customer satisfaction is improved, the project teams are more efficient, and turnover to production is more seamless. With Big Wave Communications on your team, we strive to enable your success and work tirelessly to be THE trusted partner for your IT information gathering needs.

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